A few years ago, at a singles bar in Rio de Janiero, Mike Grioux met a woman more than ten years his senior named Marcia Reis: Hansen: What did he tell you about himself?Marcia Reis, (translated from Portuguese): He said he was studying, he had come to Brazil to study. And I don’t think we’re gonna see that. They say it’s incredibly sad the young people involved were more  worried about preserving their lifestyle and currying favor with Jesse James Hollywood than in protecting Nick. Susan Markowitz: Right. And in this case, it’d probably be Jesse Hollywood. Nick was 15 when Jesse James Hollywood and a group of illicit-substance dealers abducted the teen in retaliation for Nick's half-brother's debts. His parents say Nick, who liked sports and theatre, was a typical, fun-loving 15-year-old. It was first screened at the Sundance Film Festival on January 27, 2006, with a wide release the following year on January 12, 2007. He was running a dope-dealing crew. And in fact, two years after the Markowitz murder, police got a tip that Jesse James Hollywood was hiding in, of all places, a monastery. Pressley's mother drove him, Nick, and some other friends to the motel. IE 11 is not supported. How does someone this young afford his own house? Chris Hansen, Dateline correspondent: How did you get through those nights?Susan Markowitz: I slept on the couch with the window open, hoping to hear him or see him first. It's a stupid idea, and when it goes nowhere Truelove becomes desperate to find a way to get out of his mess. A $50,000 reward was offered to anyone who could provide information leading to Hollywood’s capture. Trending. And then it’s like I went into shock. The fugitive himself even sounds like he was created by a screenwriter: His name is “Jesse James Hollywood.”. But amidst the swimming pools and tidy lawns of this well-kept neighborhood, a devoted mother got the worst possible news. Hansen: Where was Nick going when he left the house the day he disappeared? They dated and eventually lived together at “Giroux’s” little house in Saquerema. Nick was 15 when Jesse James Hollywood and a group of illicit-substance dealers abducted the teen in retaliation … Katz: It would be almost comical, or absurd, if it wasn’t so tragic. Ben Markowitz, who had been helping search for Nick, was inconsolable. At the time they believed his father, Jack, was the key. No matter what his father did, as a kid, Jesse James Hollywood did not seem destined for trouble. Sony Pictures . He was going along with it.”. Now, the baby’s mother says,  young John Paul is another victim. Or, maybe I did but it was so hysterically spontaneous—for just a second. He then headed back towards the San Fernando Valley. Hansen: Take me inside the Jesse James Hollywood posse.Katz:  He would give them a certain amount of pot to sell. Marcia says she named him John Paul in memory of Pope John Paul the second. As a 3-year-old, he was reciting a nursery rhyme, with his older half-sister and  half-brother Nick had a privileged upbringing in the West Hills section of Los Angeles. Susan and Jeff Markowitz’s lives will never be the same. Susan was frightened that Nick, who idolized his older half-brother, would soon be led into trouble too. A female cousin he hadn’t seen in  years would be visiting brazil...and the couple came to this little cafe in Saquerema to meet her. Pressley was allegedly ordered to go dig a grave. They punched him and kicked him and threw him in the van. In the meantime, Nick’s mother Susan could barely hang on. Middle-class kids, in their 20s, talk trash, wave guns, hang out in a pack. Hansen: Where do you think he went after he left California? Jeff Markowitz: If I would have held onto Ben and kept him in my household, he wouldn’t have been on the street. Something was definitely wrong. But the grave was too shallow. It’s a story about a very well-to-do part of Los Angeles that lost its way. Even though that seemed the most logical thing.Hansen: Well, you try not to overreact.Jeff Markowitz: Exactly right, but I’m telling you—as a parent, right now—overreact. I know he loved him. And that’s how you’re gonna clear your debt.” And this was a chance for him to be entrusted with an assignment. He didn’t talk much, but he seemed to love his two dogs—and he worked out with weights that he kept on the front patio. We found your son. Many did, however - for example, one associate, Brian Affronti, testified he got a ride from Hollywood on the day of the abduction and saw Nick duct-taped in the back of their van. Susan and Jeff Markowitz’s lives will never be the same. Some kids are in trouble. It’s almost like, you know—Hansen: About “what the hell is going on here?”Katz: It’s almost like you don’t want to know what the answer is. Police were tipped off, questioned the friend, but Hollywood was  gone. Hansen: Did a day go by where you didn’t do something to try to help find Jesse James Hollywood?Susan Markowitz: On the days that I was trying to kill myself, I wasn’t trying to find him.Hansen: But other than that?Susan Markowitz: Yeah, I pretty much focused on him. alpha dog entertainment is always looking for a few good men and women to become part of our team. Cars, girls, music, booze. Earlier in December, Blatt failed in an attempt to stop “Alpha Dog” from being released, and is now appealing that decision. On August 6, 2000, 15-year-old Nick Markowitz had snuck out of his home to avoid an argument with his parents. But despite their misgivings, Jeff and Susan Markowitz cooperated with director Nick Cassavettes and the “Alpha Dog” cast, including Sharon Stone, who plays a character based on Susan. Like the stream of expensive cars cruising down the Boulevard, a dark undercurrent had been flowing beneath West Hills’ glossy views. But earlier, Zonen said he cooperated with the filmmakers because he felt the movie might help lead to the capture of Jesse James Hollywood, who was still a fugitive when the movie was being made. But a young life that seemed so full of promise had begun to take a very different path. Beyond the tragic demise of a teenager, this story stands out for the three days Nick spent as a "prisoner" of Hollywood and his crew. Tough police will not talk about it publicly, sources close to the case say they were led to Jesse James Hollywood by listening in on phone calls with his father, Jack. The judge wrote “the prosecution of criminal cases and entertainment enterprises are best kept separate.”. They grew up playing Little League together, coached by Jesse’s dad, Jack Hollywood, on the ball fields of West Hills. He spent some time with the crew later that day and saw Nick unbound and sitting on the couch with his captors. Over the next 24 hours, the posse moved from one hang out to another. Bruce Correll: ...the death penalty...exactly. In fact, it’s a story set not far from Hollywood itself. Nick even stayed at three houses in Santa Barbara. "Ron" Zonen provided copies of many documents on the case and served as an unpaid consultant to the film, citing his desire to have Hollywood captured. Especially the ones needed to ship heavy bags. And he was probably the only member of that crew that didn’t cow tow to Jesse James Hollywood. The film is set in November 1999. Commander Bruce Correll: We know that he went to Colorado Springs. To the Markowitz’s family, their little son Nick had grown up so fast, right before their eyes. Lists about the true stories that inspired books, films, TV, and other stories you think you know. The Markowitzes now say they only hope Nick’s death has some meaning. Katz: Moments after he was abducted and thrown in the van, they let him take a Valium and fire up a joint. And he’s the son of Jesse James Hollywood and his girlfriend Marcia Reis. Hansen: Where does the trail go? None of them wanted to fall out of Jesse James Hollywood’s favor. This woman was a neighbor: Woman: He was always wearing a cap, and kept his face down, hidden away—even inside his home. When I met him, I thought he was very young. Hollywood and his friends were on their way to confront Nick's half-brother, Ben, who owed Hollywood money. Her quest for justice began in West Hills. And just days later, the case was breaking wide open: Hansen: And how do the police get onto Jesse James Hollywood and his posse?Katz: Well, the one young lady who had befriended Nick during his captivity up in Santa Barbara—Hansen: When all the partying is going on?Katz: …who was 17 had realized that Nick was being held against his will. It was a little strange at first seeing him so often. Susan Markowitz: I’ve been in the hospital, I think, 12--Hansen: 12 times?Susan Markowitz: 12-- something like that. Katz: He was. Why cant you compel them to tell you where this fugitive is?Cmdr. Hansen: Where do you think he is right now? She told Los Angeles magazine, “He told me that it was okay because he was doing it for his brother, and that as long as his brother was okay, he was okay. The Alpha Dog true story confirms that Jesse James Hollywood (Johnny Truelove in the movie) and two friends, Jesse Rugge and William Skidmore, snatched up Nick Markowitz while he was walking along the side of the road in the late morning. must always show up when scheduled, have reliable transportation, strong work ethic, and have the drive to want to succeed and go and do greater things. He faces, either, if convicted, life in prison and possibly...Cmdr. Zonen denies any misconduct and was not paid for his help to the filmmakers. Katz:  And Jesse James Hollywood seemed to be very agitated by that news and stormed out of the lawyer’s house. But then they started worrying. Hansen: They head up into the woods. Authorities say Hollywood was told that anyone directly involved in Nick’s kidnapping could go to prison for life. One leads to a street in Rio de Janeiro, where another innocent life has entered the story. For the first day and a half, the Markowitzes were desperately making phone calls and struggling to figure out what could have happened. It was a decision Jeff Markowitz will always regret. It’s still a mystery. Shipping heavy bags of food must have its complications; what’s the largest obstacle you’ve had to overcome? He immediately blamed himself for Nick’s death. He had had a lot to drink. Top Searches Holiday Gifts. About a day and half after the kidnapping Hollywood allegedly made a call to posse member Ryan Hoyt. Alpha dog training involved strategies believed to be used by wolves and wild dogs to maintain their position as alpha. I really want to go to America because he has never met his son. Kirby Prickett. It’s a story about a very well-to-do part of Los Angeles that lost its way. In the West Hills section, there are million dollar homes. Hansen: What was the relationship between Jesse James Hollywood and Ben Markowitz?Katz: That was a really complex relationship. Katz: If Ben was in trouble, you Nick wasn’t gonna do anything to exacerbate that. But there was little else to go on. must have a love for laser tag, video games and/or being part of something bigger than yourself. But the more I saw him, the more I realized that I did miss him. She had no idea the 15-year-old in her backseat was a kidnapped victim who would be slain later that night. Leading a very decent life. A group of seemingly nice kids had become caught up in a lifestyle where life itself was cheap. Reis: With me he was wonderful. Nick Markowitz’s funeral was attended by hundreds of mourners. Welcome (back)! And at night, “Mike” would often  drift from bar to bar. So, suddenly, Nick is almost part of the party. And Ryan wanted to do it right. Hoyt hit Nick in the back of the head with a shovel and then shot him nine times with a TEC-DC9 that Hollywood had given him the day before. WooCommerce, Subscriptions and Good Karma: the Story of Alpha Dog Food March 4 th, 2015. Yet, he was snatched right from his own from his own neighborhood in broad daylight by Jesse James Hollywood and his posse. Of it being all over. He transferred to a nearby school two years later and graduated. Over those days, Nick partied and played video games with his captors and was even driven around by parents who had no idea the teen's life was at risk. Another posse member got life in prison for kidnapping. And within hours—police were making arrests, including triggerman Ryan Hoyt, and three others. The group eventually included Ben Markowitz. Is Alpha Dog based on a true story? And this is like gun that had been modified into a fully automatic assault rifle.Hansen: But it was Jesse James Hollywood who gave the bag—Katz: Who gave the bag to Ryan Hoyt, said, “We got a little situation. And, the things escalated from there a lot of times. You know, he will never be the same because of his brother’s death. The film had an elaborate star cast, but it failed to impress the audience and critics. I thought he was a little lost. And the ones that came up short became almost like indentured servants to Jesse James Hollywood. Marcia Reis: John Paul is a baby, I don’t know what I’ll tell him when he grows up. What’s in today may be out tomorrow. And then strangely enough, over time, Nick’s kidnapping eventually took on the air of a joyride. Marcia Reis: I’m not angry, but yes I’m hurt. Earlier, an appeals court removed Zonen for cooperating with the “Alpha Dog” filmmakers. The law had changed, having entered Brazil on a false Canadian passport, Hollywood was extradited immediately. Now, the Jesse James Hollywood case is the basis for a controversial new Hollywood movie. In honor of the film's 10th anniversary, Wonderwall.com is taking a look at what its stars are up to now! Hansen: How would you describe Nick to someone who never met him? It turns out, Reis was six months pregnant with Jesse James Hollywood’s baby. Hoyt was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death.

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