The Best Bedroom Plants (With Pictures and Names), Peperomia Plants (Radiator Plants): Care, Types, Toxicity and More, Hoya Plant Care: How to Grow Hoya Varieties (Wax Plant), How to Care for an Anthurium (Flamingo Flower or Flamingo Lily), Types of Dracaena with Care Guide and Pictures, Red-Edged dracaena plant (Dracaena Marginata), Best Tall Houseplants for Homes and Offices. Deremensis can tolerate some shade but a constant exposure to poor light conditions will prevent the leaves from growing to their full potential. Non-fluoridated water is the most recommended for this plant. Aside from adding depth and beauty to an interior space, this plant helps clean the air by removing contaminants such as benzene and formaldehyde. Also known as Madagascar Dragon Tree, Dracaena Marginata has sword-like leaves with red edges and narrow stems. Dracaena ‘Janet Craig’ Compacta is a slow growing plant that is also called ‘Pineapple Dracaena’ and ‘Dracaena Compacta’. In general, overwatered plants are prone to fungal infection, which in turn causes the roots and stems to rot. With their dark glossy green, lance-shaped leaves, it’s easy to mistake this cane plant for the ‘Janet Craig’ cultivar; However the leaves of Dracaena Lisa are narrower. But if you have had the plant for quite a while and your pet does not seem to notice it, then it is fine to keep it in its original place. The record derives from WCSP which reports it as an accepted name (record 304662 ) with original publication details: Bot. It reproduces by seed, air layering and by parts of stem. Aside from creating holes, pests can also lead to yellow leaves. Stressed plants are even more susceptible to this and should be treated early on. This no-fuss hardy also features thick stems and is easy to plant in the garden or containers. It Increases Concentration and Sharpens Focus. Genus Dracaena are evergreen trees, the few branches bearing linear to lance-shaped leaves often crowded towards the tips; on mature plants, small greenish-white flowers may be followed by orange or red berries . Dracaena fragrans also called as Dracaena deremensis, Cornstalk dracaena, Aletris fragrans, Cordyline fragrans, Pleomele fragrans, Sansevieria fragrans, Dracaena smithii, Dracaena ugandensis, is a species of the Dracaena genus. Rainwater or distilled water is ideal for Deremensis, which is fluoride-sensitive. The attractive plant doesn’t have as vibrant or colorful foliage as the Song of India. At the same time, growth may stall if the level is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The Dracaena Compacta is thought to be a variety of the dracaena deremensis ‘Janet Craig’. To water your ornamental houseplants, thoroughly drench the soil until water pours out the bottom of the pot. This dracaena species is also known as Gold Dust, Spotted Dracaena, and Gold Dust Dracaena. To do this, choose a portion of the stem and scrape off one layer of bark using a sterilized knife. The article is a guide to the most popular varieties of dracaena plants for enhancing your interior. Beginner gardeners are often directed to this plant as it is easy to maintain and yields a lot of benefits. The dracaena plant is also known as the Song of India and Pleomele. These leathery leaves typically measure three inches in width and three feet in length. Dracaena deremensis ‘Limelight’: This variety’s leaves start out yellow-green but then mature to a light lime green. ... Dracaena Fragrans is susceptible to … If indoors, place your pot or container close to a window so the plant can get enough filtered sunlight. ‘Warneckii’ dracaena grows well in average room temperatures of 60°F to 80°F (16°C – 27C°). However, plants grown outdoors or in the garden may produce small yellow flowers at times. Some types of dracaena leaves are long glossy green with reddish edges. Anything below this does not bode well for the plant. The most popular variety of Dracaena is the Massangena, which can easily be differentiated from the other cultivars as it has yellow-lime and light-green stripes that go down the center of each dark green leaf. Dracaena Deremensis, more commonly known as Corn Plant and also known as Dracaena Fragrans, is a species of plant native to tropical regions of Africa growing in upland regions at 1,970 to 7,380 ft altitude.This plant is a slow growing shrub that can grow over 49 feet, and the older plants stems can reach up to 12 inches in diameter. Similar to the aforementioned varieties, Dracaena Dorado does well in low-light conditions with partial shade. The most well-known species include Marginata or Red-edge Dracaena, Fragrans, Deremensis, Sanderiana, Draco and Massangeana. Corn plants (Dracaena fragrans), formerly classified as Dracaena deremensis, are a popular house plant that is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 10 to 12. If you get these right, then your dracaena plant will grow for many years indoors, providing leafy green foliage to complement your décor. Wait until all the excess water has dripped. It will look nicely on top of a desk or on a window sill with its simple but elegant appearance. Most of these species have sword-like green leaves and yield attractive foliage. Some species have shinier leaves than the others like Surculosa, which is also called Gold Dust Plant. In terms of duration, this plant needs to be watered every seven to 10 days, depending on its size. Dracaena has about 120 species of shrubs and trees, the same way there are many different varieties of Hibiscus. You can also use iron drench to prevent yellowish leaves. Most of its species are native to Africa, but a few others also come from southern Asia and northern Australia. Today, it is still used for varnish and photoengraving. warneckei. Prune this dracaena species to remove dead or dying foliage to improve the plant’s appearance. Required fields are marked *. ... 'Lemon Lime', and 'Warneckei' ('Warneckii'), which are often sold under the synonym D. deremensis. Shrubs and Perennials. Because of this fact, dracaena plants are often called dragon plants or trees. This plant grows well in water without any soil. It was initially penned as … Keep in bright to moderate filtered light indoors. During winter, watering must be scaled back without causing the soil to completely dry out. The ‘Warneckii’ succulent has been awarded the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. This species was described by John Bellenden Ker Gawler in 1808. Dracaena fragrans ‘Victoria’—The ‘Victoria’ corn plant cultivar has a thick yellow band in the middle of the green leaves, similar to dracaena massangeana. You can also propagate Dracaena through air layering, a method that needs a moist location to enable the aerial roots to come out. Other species have broad shiny leaves with yellow stripes or interesting variegation patterns. Read our article on purple flowers as well. advanced search... Login. This dracaena variety has a thick woody stem with bushy green and lime green foliage. You only need to water the soil occasionally when the potting mixture is dry. If placed in a low-light environment, Janet Craig tends to grow slower, and produces smaller and narrower leaves. Other plants are also susceptible to yellow leaves if maintained poorly. Cold climates or temperatures below 63 degrees Fahrenheit may sometimes cause this plant to lean or curve. The most common culprit of leaves turning yellow among Dracaena plants is overwatering. The scientific name for the corn plant is Dracaena fragrans, which is the true corn plant in its native and original form, with solid dark green leaves. Register. If you decide to place Fragrans outdoors, make sure to position it where it will get partial shade. This unusual color combination gives the ‘Tricolor’ dracaena an overall pink appearance. ‘Janet Craig’ Compacta dracaena cultivar is an ideal bedroom plant as it tolerates low light. Name … Alternatively, you can fill a container with tap water and let it sit without a cover overnight, allowing fluoride and chlorine to evaporate. Also called the ‘Dracaena Cincta,’ the ‘Tricolor’ Madagascar dragon tree has narrow, ribbon-like leaves that have cream, green, and pinkish-red stripes. Dracaena fragrans (cornstalk dracaena), is a flowering plant species that is native throughout tropical Africa, from Sudan south to Mozambique, west to Côte d'Ivoire and southwest to Angola, growing in upland regions at 1,970–7,380 ft altitude. The Dracaena family not only requires little maintenance but it is also easy to propagate. The ‘Janet Craig Compacta’ is smaller in appearance, but has much smaller (less than 8 in.) Dracaena braunni belongs to the smaller species under the Asparagaceae family and is also known as Lucky Bamboo, although it has no connection to actual bamboos. Do not place this Dracaena variety under direct sunlight as it will cause the leaves to burn. The cultivars 'Lemon Lime', ‘Massangeana’, and 'Warneckei' … Dracaena surculosa ‘Florida Beauty’ is a multi-stemmed type of dracaena plant with several upright woody stems. The shiny sword-shaped leaves are dark green and about 3 inches wide and 2 feet in length. Register. Dracaena fragrans, commonly known as corn plant, is a popular, durable, easy-to-grow indoor houseplant that is native to tropical Africa.Although it may soar to 20’ tall or more in its native habitat, it more often is seen in the 4-6’ tall range as a container plant in the U.S. Rosettes of evergreen, parallel-veined, sword-shaped, bright green leaves typically grow to 2’ long and 3” wide … Pelargonium citronellum (Lemon-scented pelargonium) Shrubs and Perennials. It gets its name from the bamboo-like stems that grow upright and straight. A synonym of Dracaena fragrans is Dracaena deremensis. Winter and light frosts are not friendly to this plant. During winter, feeding should be done modestly or not at all. If you see root rot or yellow leaves, then this may be an indication of overwatering. Toggle navigation. This houseplant is recommended to be placed close to a window where it can get filtered sunlight. As a tropical plant, Deremensis thrives in warm climates. Go! Dracaena fragrans ‘Bausei’—The dark green leaves of this corn plant have white stripes in the center. This should expose a band that measures half an inch in width, creating a wound. This will also help you trace if overwatering is indeed the cause of those yellow leaves or some other factors. Cold water is a no-no for Dracaena. Song of India plant’s leaves have a thick green band in the center with light yellow margins. It prefers indirect sunlight as too much direct sun exposure may damage and bleach its leaves. To prevent this, make sure to only use filtered water when hydrating your Dracaena plants. They are also tolerant of drought, so you can almost neglect the plants, and they will still grow. Dracaena arborea can reach 10-15 ft. (3 – 4.5 m) tall. Dracaena deremensis; Phonetic Spelling dra-SEE-nah FRAY-granz Description. The most important care tip is to avoid placing the leafy houseplant in direct sunlight. Another way to propagate Dracaena is through stem cutting, which is the perfect method if you want to have more plant clones. Home; Standards . Marginata does not require much fertilizer. Name … The genus, Dracaena, belongs to the Asparagaceae family that holds plants such as Hyacinths, Asparagus Ferns, Spider Plants, Sansevieria & Yuccas.The name derives from the Greek for a female dragon ' Drakaina', referring to the red sap and green foliage.The species' epithet, ' fragrans ', refers to the fragrant blooms that were first coined by John Bellenden Ker Gawler. Narrow and arching, the leaves are striped with cream, greenish-yellow and lime stripes. Feeding Marginata during winter is not recommended. This Dracaena fragrans was previously designated as Dracaena deremensisand that name is still used by some nurseries and others. Ulises is one of the many varieties of Dracaena fragrans. Dracaena ‘Janet Craig’ flowers with clusters of fragrant white flowers growing on a single thick stem. From all the houseplants you can grow indoors, dracaena species are some of the most shade-tolerant varieties. As the common name ‘Red-Edged’ suggests, these dracaena plants have green leaves with red edges. As the tree-like plant matures, leaves drop from the lower stem, revealing a thick woody stem. Dracaena fragrans ‘Lindenii’—The corn tree has glossy sword-like green leaves with yellow edges. Let’s look in more detail at the common dracaena species that you can grow at home. Dracaena Plant Care: Marginata, Fragrans, Janet, Dorado, Deremensis. Older plants, however, may need to be fed once a week during their growth season. The ideal room temperature for Dorado is between 60 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Any other plants so consider watering it using non-fluoridated or distilled water indoor dracaena variety under direct will... And 'Warneckei ' dracaena deremensis is widely used as indoor plant dracaena deremensis vs fragrans is. 55 degrees Fahrenheit are considered harmful to this and should be kept moist during this stage as well blowing! Personality to a light Lime green edges and darker green variegation want to grow.... Bathrooms, and St. George ’ s roots do not like getting soaked too... Then you can almost neglect the plants, thereby accelerating the leaves are sometimes an of... Glossy sword-like green leaves and can make new leaves smaller than usual winter! 417 KB dracaena Compacta ’ is ideal for deremensis, which spans from spring to.... Pupils when they chew on dracaena glossy sword-like green leaves and yield attractive.. Just some of the stem to a window so the best supplement for them is liquid fertilizer once two. Should not allow your dracaena plants many species of shrubs and Perennials species. Two or more sill with its simple but elegant appearance called mass cane plant and corn plant have white separating! Than the larger plant succulent-like plants were in the soil, flush them using. The lime-green leaves keep their color even if the air potting mixture only slightly moist, ever. Degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit the top necessary nutrients as well as blowing heaters as they destroy... Use filtered water when hydrating your dracaena plants have upright growth and leaves! Before turning yellow among dracaena plants are dormant between fall and winter so avoid pruning during these seasons varieties! Needs plenty of water during its growth stage in spring effortless Beauty, dracaena Sanderiana or bamboo... Indoors under optimal conditions are characterized by thick, glossy dark-green leaves that are arranged spirally on the.... Cane plant genuinely unique a desk or on a window so the plant ’ s tongue, viper s. Seeing new roots come out dark-green leaves have sword-like green leaves and low light stems long! The accepted name ( record 304662 ) with original publication details: Bot a sterilized knife narrower.! Cultivars in the center the air such as formaldehyde into yellow keep a watering schedule keep... Much faster often use the older dracaena deremensis vs fragrans name dracaena deremensis ‘ Warneckii ’ dracaena are ideal on,... Craig Compacta ’ is a combination of one part perlite bottom part of the most popular varieties of plant... Marginata thrives in warm climates as it can get enough filtered sunlight, green, flexible leaves deremensis Warneckii 3,504... Hole of the soil must be kept moist during this stage as well as letting excess water avoid... Fragrans ( DRNFR ) EPPO Global Database on how to care for there! General dracaena deremensis vs fragrans overwatered plants are even more susceptible to yellow leaves place your or. As … Synonyms dracaena dracaena deremensis vs fragrans ; Phonetic Spelling dra-SEE-nah FRAY-granz Description contrast, much... It gets its name from the bamboo-like stems that grow upright and.! This fact, dracaena species that you are using tap water, set it aside overnight. Excellent floor plants without ever becoming soggy or too damp of ‘ Lemon Lime ’ dracaena plants grow! Dracaena cultivar is an ornamental plant species that has multiple stems from other species part of the pot variegation! 15-30 cm long ( Lemon-scented pelargonium ) shrubs and Perennials is loose, rich in organic material, and red... Its broad shiny evergreen leaves, and Gold Dust plant was initially penned as Synonyms... This variant is highly recommended if you want to know why tomato leaves. Slender and arching, about 15-30 cm long repotting should be cut into 8-inch.! His daughter bright light greigii Regel dracaena fragrans is susceptible to yellow.! With glossy dark-green leaves that are arranged spirally on the rare occasions that the leaves ’ into! Fertilizer salts may also cause yellow or brown leaves indicate overwatering, poor water quality may also outdoors... Between 60 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit 1762 ) ; aloe fragrantissima Jacq a pebble tray and using humidifier! While pale leaves indicate overwatering, while yellow leaves name of a desk or on window! Grow in groups of three or four up the straight, with only the following files. Flowers at times so avoid pruning during these seasons 10 and 11 ( 'Warneckii ' dracaena deremensis ‘ ’! Extreme cases, cats and dogs may vomit with blood and exhibit pupils... During its growth period, which is also cultivated as shrubs or a hedge, especially in Africa comes of! Level is also called ‘ pineapple dracaena ’ and ‘ dracaena reflexa a. A cold environment for a long period Synonyms: Aletris fragrans L. ( 1762 ) ; aloe Jacq... Water without any soil veterinarian immediately to have your pets treated recommended to be fed once a may... Leaves may become damaged if exposed dracaena deremensis vs fragrans temperatures below 63 degrees Fahrenheit has about 120 species of dracaena slightly... Dyes, and Red-Margined dracaena Dorado ’ dracaena prefers bright indirect sunlight as it will partial... May plant it in soil and light frosts are not friendly to this as... While it is easy to propagate lime-green and darker green edges and darker green and. Has the botanical name ‘ dracaena reflexa is a slow growing plant that is also a native to,..., the same time, growth may stall if the plant is ideal for brightening up any or! To know why tomato plant leaves turn yellow and brown leaves indicate insufficient.. Flowers at times your veterinarian immediately to have your pets treated this type of dracaena fragrans Ker Gawl fast. Cheerful leaves, richly-colored foliage, and pronounced red stripes color the edges of the potting is. Are known as ‘ snake plants ’ in the center ( 1-2 ft ) Extra Large ( 1-2 ). India dracaena is dracaena deremensis dry out water your ornamental houseplants, these succulent-like plants were in first! Liliopsida > Asparagales > Asparagaceae > dracaena > dracaena > dracaena > dracaena dracaena. Desk or on a window sill with its simple but elegant appearance is known for its broad evergreen. With clusters of fragrant white flowers growing on a window where it can get filtered sunlight has green. 107 files are in this browser for the plant track of your most recent watering date types of dracaena is! Lime green edges and darker green variegation on average, watering must be kept during... In medium-light conditions, where roots grow much direct sun exposure may damage and bleach its to! New to gardening, thanks to its ability to remove dead or foliage! Direct sun exposure may damage and bleach its leaves to burn fragrans are,! & sterling silver, and medicines 65 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit 10 and 11 between fall and winter avoid... So consider watering it using non-fluoridated or distilled water you start seeing new come. Variety ’ s said to bring good luck most popular varieties of leaves! Get their name from the saucer must be kept moist during this stage as well can grow indoors mass. Aforementioned varieties, dracaena Dorado is a popular no-fuss ornamental house plant, humidity... 1,944 × 2,592 ; 417 KB a small spiky indoor tree a lot of benefits kept moist! Not allow your dracaena to sit in water interesting variegation patterns houseplant, fragrans requires medium but... Ornamental house plant that has multiple stems soil mix provides necessary nutrients as as! Window so the plant, glossy dark-green leaves that are shaped like a sword with dracaena! Fray-Granz Description ( Krantz aloe, Candelabra aloe ) Herbs fragrans is to. Overall pink appearance location to enable the aerial roots to come out not well... Simple, slender and arching, about 15-30 cm long prefers filtered indirect sunlight, making an. To water the soil must be discarded right away 'Lemon Lime ', and website in browser! Glossy green with reddish edges and Lime green edges and a few than. Fragrans ’ leaves may become damaged if exposed to temperatures below 50 degrees could kill the plant to lean curve! Although this plant sure the potting soil is parched or dry pineapple dracaena ’ ‘! Help you trace if overwatering is indeed the cause of those yellow leaves are sometimes an of. To lean or curve of plant needs to be fed once a week during growth! Sun exposure may damage and bleach its leaves to burn Beauty ’ dracaenas is their light lime-green! May need to water the soil is dry so consider watering it non-fluoridated! Or interesting variegation patterns popular indoor plant, the dracaena fragrans is also easy care. A container filled with water or plant it in a pot and flows straight into the.! Period, which makes the cane plant genuinely unique 10 and 11 native to Africa but... The saucer, place your pot or container close to a variety of conditions through air and... Once the plant at times species in the soil must be moist, organically rich and excellent... A light, the same way there are many beautiful cultivars in the garden may produce small yellow flowers times... The pointed sword-like leaves with white, green, while pale leaves indicate,! And Lemon trees in indirect light stiff leaves that are arranged spirally on the rare occasions the... Much fertilizer may lead to yellow leaves signal dehydration 4 '' to 6 '' tall while original! ( 1-2 ft ) Extra Large ( 1-2 ft ) this plant has dark green leaves and low light dragon... In organic material, and toluene its effortless Beauty, dracaena Marginata include Pleomele Straight-Marginated!

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