Do you have a garage or office where we can park? We accept any vehicles that fit the uber,lyft, or delivery requirements. I was so ready to fill out the info needed to get started making money with you until I read that. Rental prices average about $35-45 per day. Whether you get your new car with cash, a loan, or a lease, you can save by choosing one that holds its value well, is reliable, and gets good fuel economy. On your partner dashboard click “My cars” and post your vehicle to the HyreCar marketplace! when I buy the car doI have to have my own insurance or is there some sort of “rentor insurance” ? So let me get this correct. It is possible to deduct 100% of your business leasing cost if you are planning to use your lease vehicle solely for business purposes. If you have a relative in the U.S., then it may work out in the sense that the relative or friend would assist and manage the rental process. The owner is paid via direct deposit every 2 business days and is responsible for all maintenance. Yup, Dallas is very popular for our service. What type of coverage do I as a renter get? Okay great! Let’s show you how to earn money with your car! Yes, you totally can and this is a great way to earn money towards your payments. We always suggest listing vehicles you want to be rented out for long term as most renters start with a few days and extend their rental once they are in it. Hi Thomas, The drivers are responsible to pay for the gas. Vehicle owners are required to take car of the service and maintenance of the vehicle. I can get inspections etc on it if needed, need car eligibility list please have a few cars to put on here if they will be accepted. If you have any questions after you create an account, please email or give us a call at 888-688-6769. For any additional information, including our FAQ, please visit us at, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window). I have mahindra marrzo 7 steer new car. I have Honda CRV which I’m driving for personal use and as well as Uber. Do we have to claim taxes on the profit? And everything will be done online, so we do not actually have a physical station/office for you to go to. How much can I make renting out a Kia Optima in Miami, FL? How long does the process take before the car will start to generate income and [4] How many hours will be car be driven in a day, in order to generate $800/$1000 monthly. In the mean time check out our blog “Owner Success Guide” I hate Uber’s platform of any type. Yes, both of those cities are always very active! If you don’t feel like sending out rental invitations, there’s an additional option for owners to search for drivers and reach out to them personally. to download the Uber vehicle inspection form, to download the Lyft vehicle inspection form. Unfortunately, we do not operate in Alaska at the moment! Hello Fely! What about maintenance? Can I rent my car in New Jersey but I live in Long Island NY? Hi Nicole! Yes. Let’s say the 200 miles are costing me 40 cents a mile. I have a 2014 Toyota Camry and I am in the Columbus, OH area. Both you and the driver will receive an email verifying that the. It would be a shame for me to go through the effort of signing up only to find out I can’t lost my vehicle. If you want to talk to someone right away give us a call at (888) 688-6769. However, we should be operational there within a month or two. Email communications is also acceptable. Are you available in Philippines, Manila? According to the government, it costs 62 cents a mile to own and operate a car. So it’s in their best interest to keep your car clean, neat, and in the best condition possible. Hello Phillip! I have 2017 toyotacamry LE with 30,000 miles , i live at suffern NY (upstate NY) i want to rent my car. Hi Martha, we are in Los Angeles! Hi Carmelita, We are available in Sacramento! Good luck! Is this service available in British Columbia Canada? We also advise vehicle owners to place tracking devices on their vehicles for extra security and safety precautions. We provide rideshare insurance to the renter in case of an accident! Good for working persons. And is it possible to rent out for a prolonged period to one driver? I have one coming back to me soon with a brand new engine and low miles that will be ready to be rented 24/7. Hello Joseph, we are currently operational in 55 States in United States. 6 Tools For Car Dealers In The Sharing Economy, How to Get Insurance For a Car Rental Business, How Much Money Can You Make As A Postmates Courier,,, 10 Different Ways to Create Passive Income – KP's Passive Income Guide, 100 Ways to Make money - Money Making Way, 100 Unique ways to make money - Money Making Way, 105 Unique ways to make money online and offline - Money Making Way, 105 Unique ways to make quick money online and offline - Money Making Way,,

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