Various rules such as Legal … Browsers that can not handle javascript will not be able to access some features of this site. We license and test commercial devices that weigh and/or measure to determine the direct cost of goods in consumer transactions. Sri Gangula Kamalakar Minister for BC welfare, Food and Civil Supplies, Consumer affairs. The Telangana Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Act, 1958. 127. Persons empowered toprosecute. Testing of weights and measures. Weights and Measures in Hyderabad, India. Net contents in packaged commodities should be as declared on each package. To ensure correct Weighment of farm produce in sale and transaction. LMD Punjab. Put simply, this department has to check that all the packaged commodities like rice, edible oils, pulses, meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits, biscuits, breads, soaps, tooth pastes, cosmetic items, masala powders and the items sold in volume like packaged milk, water, oils, paints, and whether they are supplied to the consumer in the correct weight or volume. Issuing of Skilled Worker Certificates to persons who possess requisite qualifications and intended to repair weights and measures, Registration of packers of packaged commodities, For all verified and stamped weights and measures Verification Certificate is issued, Verification Certificate should be displayed/exhibited at a conspicuous place of the business premises. మావోయిస్టుల బంద్‌తో అప్రమత్తం మ� Prosecutions and compounding to be reported to Extension Officer (PR&RD). The Telangana Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Act, 1958. Disclaimer: Updation and uploading of all Acts enacted; Rules, Regulations, Notifications, etc., issued, by States/Union territories available on this web page is the proprietary of respective State Governments and Union territory Administrations.Respective State Government or Union territory Administration is solely responsible for the correctness of contents uploaded on this web page. Formulates Policies for procurement of paddy,coarse grains and pulses at MSP by agencies like FCI., Telangana State Civil Supplies Corporation, Markfed, IKP groups etc.Decentralised procurement and Aadhaar based distribution of essential commodities through Public Distribution System,as per the guidelines under NFSA Act 2013. 2633/L1/2012, Dt: 08-08-2012 of this office. ----- LABOUR EMPLOYMENT TRAINING & FACTORIES (LABOUR-II) DEPARTMENT G.O.Rt.No. All pre-packaged commodities should have mandatory declarations as prescribed under the Act and Rules as follows. Department of Legal Metrology . The Telangana Weights and Measures (Enforcement) Act, 1958. 129. Protection of Consumers against            cheating in Weights and Measures in, transaction. On March 2, 1799, the first federal weights and measures law was signed by President … Site designed and developed by National Informatics Centre, LMD Punjab. The Department of Legal Metrology is one of the important organs of Consumer's Protection. They also imposed Rs 11,500 as penalties on the offenders. Parent Agency Weight & measures used by the traders are verified & stamped by the Inspector of the Legal Metrology Department, after due verification, with a seal for ensuring the integrity of the stamp of Inspector and quarter in which it is verified. The Division of Weights and Measures regulates many aspects of commerce and trade throughout the state. The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules 2011: These Rules are intended to certain mandatory declarations on the pre-packaged commodities. Verification/re-verification and stamping of Weights and Measures and other inspections. U.S. Our first Provincial Office was opened in 1953 in Nakuru followed by Kisumu in 1954 and Mombasa in 1956. 3.High Court Orders … Notice of action against Gram Panchayat. Weights & Measures Services Division The Weights and Measures Services Division (WMSD) promotes equity and integrity in the Arizona marketplace to protect both consumers and businesses. Common and generic name of the commodity. safety measures required to be taken in existing buildings – Recommendation Accepted – Orders – Issued MUNICPAL ADMINISTRATION & URBAN DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT (M1) DEPARTMENT G.O.Ms.No.154 Date: 13-03-2007. :Read the Following:- 1.G.O.Ms.No 45 MA & UD Dept (M1) Dept. 130. Division of Weights, Measures and Metrology Program Overview. Follow us on FaceBook, Twitter తాజా సమాచారం కోసం Sakshi App లోడ్ చేసుకోండి. Visit. Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110 003, INDIA. GOVERNMENT OF TELANGANA OFFICE OF THE CONTROLLER, LEGAL METROLOGY, HYDERABAD Notification No.3651/T/2020-2 Dated: 07-10-2020 Sub:- Ease of Doing Business Reforms- Implementing online system for Registration and Renewal of License under Legal Metrology Act 2009, Risk categorization of weights and measures articles and institutionalize Central Inspection System orders … The Civil Supply Wing of the department has been implementing Essential Commodities Act 1955 and different Control Orders made thereunder. Stock distributed as per Issue Register / epos Machine FSC Cards AFSC Cards Annapurna 12. Action for short measurement, use of defective and non-standard weights and measures is taken as provided for in relevant laws and rules. Subsequently in line with other States of India, the Nomenclature of the Department was changed to “Legal Metrology” with effect from 28th January 2010 vide Government Notification No.WM(G)12/85/250. department should reach and benefit the citizens of Union Territory. The first and foremost duty of the Department of Legal Metrology is to build confidence in the consumers and to make the uniformity of the standards, in accordance with the International System of Units (SI). This page includes linear measurements, finding area, cubic, liquid, apothecaries' fluid and weight, Avoirdupois weight, dry measure, troy weight, and Gunter's or Surveyor's chain. Maximum Retail Price (inclusive of all taxes). Did you find what you were looking for on this webpage? As the name suggests, the Department of Legal Metrology, relates to the units of weights and measures, methods of measurements and measuring instruments and the regulatory safeguards to the public. ===== INDUSTRIES & COMMERCE (IP & INF) DEPARMENT G.O.Ms.No. Inspection Procedure and check list; Service Procedure; Document list; Acts and Rules; LMD Punjab. Haryana: New Licence Manufacturer Weights and Measures Fully Online Share This. The noble and bounden duty of the Department of legal Metrology is to project and to protect the interest of the people by providing actual assistance and services of Legal Metrology and to ensure the correctness in all sorts of measurements particularly related to the commercial transactions.

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