2. Both incidents happened to me!). Bear canisters are available for rent at Never Summer Mountain Products in Grand Lake. If going southbound, an ice axe (and possibly crampons) may be needed for similar reasons if attempting the High Line trail in Glacier National Park. Unlike the Appalachian Trail, section hiking the Continental Divide Trail is logistically more difficult. Great write up and info! Take that extra day off to see. After you apply and pay for the permit, you should receive a confirmation email that we’ve gotten your application. Trails Illustrated Maps – For Colorado and Glacier National Park, these maps show the CDT routes in excellent detail. They contain copious (and often hilarious) notes on water, navigation, town services, and more alternates than you ever could have dreamed of. It is also a trail that is beautiful, stunning and perhaps the most rewarding of the major long-distance hiking trails. The app contains the same data and waypoints as both the CDTC and Bear Creek Survey maps, as well as town information, the water report, and crowdsourced comments on trail resources. A good two weeks early! They cover smartphone navigation, too. I carried a $20 one from REI on the PCT, but never used it. The first part, the planning guide, made me feel better about my navigation skill level, and gave me a number of hikers' points of view on a whole lot of issues about which I was concerned. Other hikers are hiking the CDT. Do all those alternates you wanted to try out but could not see if on a tighter thru-hike schedule. There are two trail philosophies for the CDT: The designated route put forth by the USFS and more of a corridor approach taken by many CDT hikers. Of course, planning for the hike can be exciting. Considering not bringing any gps tech. If your dog (and YOU!) A thru-hike of the CDT needs LOTS of maps. CDTC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. ... From navigation and safety resources to info on resupplies, this guide contains the info you need to start planning a long-distance trip along the CDT. The app is free and the data is freely available to anyone under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial 3.0 license. Non-CDT Specific Maps: Large area overview maps can be helpful in areas where the CDT is more remote and has fewer opportunities to bail out if needed due to injury, fire closure, etc. One suggestion is to spend a three-day weekend hiking ~15 MPD. .... Good stuff! Scarlet and Wildflower’s 2007 CDT Adventure http://www.scarletandwildflower.com/ A  documentary from Jessica “Wildflower” Winters about a CDT thru-hike. Carbohydrate deficient transferrin (CDT) 1) An explanation of how CDT testing can assess the level of alcohol consumption. Trail Information, Outreach and Education. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/bearcreek1035, Continental Divide Trail Alliance published guidebooks. Making use of J Ley and Bear Creek data, and based on work previously done by Al H.,  it is a resource that should prove to be useful for any CDT long distance hiker. Whether you take bear spray or not is an individual decision. The beauty of the CDT can rival or even surpass the designated CDNST in places. Could change by the summer. Learn more about Yoga Asanas, Yoga programs, Teacher training, and much more. 710 10th Street, Suite 200 Most appreciated in the planning stages. As of January 2018, the CDTC now has a free CDNST map set and planning guide to download as well. With the maps, apps and better trail, navigation is not as much an issue either. Each week you will be given more difficult poses than the last. www.trailjournals.com In brief, a stove without an on/off valve is often not allowed. Kid Ink, Maleek Berry & Ray BLK', listen and watch the latest videos and check out Yogi's latest Spotify Playlist. Good places to carry overview maps include the San Juans and the Weminuche Wilderness, the Wind River Range, and the Bob Marshall Wilderness. SpiritEagle http://www.spiriteaglehome.com/cdt.html Jim and Ginny Owen have hiked the CDT twice and many other trails. The site: http://www.learn-orienteering.org/old/ seems to be down(permanently?). A more leisurely hike can be had. REI • ZPacks • Hyperlite • Patagonia • Arc'teryx • RBTR • Drop • Backcountry • Feathered Friends • CampSaver • Gaia • … The Grand Unification of CDT guides is still being sought. As for black bears, more places are requiring canisters regardless if grizzlies are present or not and I would not be surprised if more places require it in the coming years. The Backbone of the World by Frank Clifford An excellent account of the land, the culture and the politics of where the CDT passes. A good, rough equation for overall expenses is this idea: COST OF GEAR TO START + TRANSPORTATION TO TRAIL + (MONTHS ON TRAIL * 1000) + TRANSPORTATION FROM TRAIL. Verified by Mindmonia. People have section ridden the CDT. Yellowstone National Park: Yellowstone backcountry camping permits ($3/person/night, unless traveling with stock, in which case they are $5/person/night) must be obtained in person no more than 48 hours before the start of your trip through the park. Good places to carry overview maps include the San Juans and the Weminuche Wilderness, the Wind River Range, and the Bob Marshall Wilderness. A real gear po, Hovenweep and Canyons of the Ancients Yogi’s CDT Guide: Jackie “Yogi” McDonnell is an experienced hiker who has created a popular guidebook for the CDT with info on alternate routes, town and resupplyresources, and plenty of other hiking tips. Most hikers who section hike the CDT, hike in larger chunks of 2 or 3 months each rather than say the 2-3 weeks of section hiking the AT. Thru-hiking the CDT has its own rewards, but so does chunk hiking. To streamline the planning process for those wishing to hike or ride the CDT through New Mexico, the New Mexico State Lands Office has given the CDTC the ability to directly issue these permits. Check out the new single 'Baby ft. When going NoBo, there may be a lot of snow in the San Juans and winter may come early to Montana. Super helpful write-up. In “The Bob”, you’ll want to use normal precautions for bear country. Yeah, confusing. I used Yogi's trail book which was really helpful especially when I used it for town info. Most people believe the standard route is ~2600-2700 miles with 2800 miles splitting the difference. The Yogi collection of wellness teas combines over 140 exotic spices and botanicals from around the globe to create over 40 delicious varieties of herbal tea, green tea and black tea; each formulated with delicious taste and healthful benefit in mind. Being FB, the discussions can get ah..interesting at times… The main CDT page tends to be less contentious. Jerry Brown of Bear Creek has some additional information I edited for brevity: After over two weeks of mind-numbing work, the waypoints for MT/ID are complete. Please pay attention to the stove bans. My fellow Coloradoan Sidewinder chose to flip. This is an extremely high use wilderness area; do not camp in the Indian Peaks Wilderness without a permit. Our Yoga for Beginners guide was created specifically for you—to give you all the tips, guidelines, and recommendations you will need to start a successful yoga practice. Something like Silva Starter 1-2-3 or the Suunto A-10 wors well enough, aren’t expensive and less than ounce. Long-distance hiking guidebooks for the Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide Trail, PCT, CDT. https://pmags.com/trail-groove-issue-25 The information that Yogi has compiled replaces the year of phone calls, letters and research that Karen Berger describes as her CDT preparation in her well-researched book Where the Waters Divide. May want to ping Yogi herself to be sure. These sites include Amazon, eBay, REI, Backcountry.com, LA Police Gear, Moose Jaw, Gaia GPS, Six Moon Designs, and ULA Equipment. routes vs. the designated trail. This link will assist in printing out mailing labels for stops along the CDT:  http://www.soruck.net/cdt/, Cool map of the above with postal info: http://www.soruck.net/cdt/postalmap.html. There is no master permit such as the one for the Pacific Crest Trail. Postholer now has a CDT databook and profile maps avail as well. Same data as Scott’s very good CDT planner. That’s a silly question. After its amino acid sequence has been formed transferrin undergoes further Basically, if you have both backcountry competency AND long trail hiking experience (not traits always found together among thru-hikers ;D ) no reason why you can’t do the CDT. An event sponsored by the CDTC at the start of the NoBo thru-hiking season and traditionally held in Silver City, NM each April.“Join us to explore the Continental Divide, its unique communities and cultures, and the wonderful, wacky world of long-distance hiking.”   *** Check the events page for the 2020 event information. End too late, and you hit snow in Montana. There are two options, one of which is no longer in print. Please see this doc I wrote earlier for more information. But sometimes it is inspiring to read other hikers stories or online journals: Where the Waters Divide by Karen Berger A good account of thru-hiking the CDT, Westcliffe “coffee table” CDT books Glorious pictures and good writing for each of the states the CDT passes through. They provide trail access info, colorful pictures, and trivia. It’s better to trust your judgment and stay safe. Many hikers have reported success using these maps for the designated CDT corridor and spoke highly of the maps. The VLA, Continental Divide Scenic Trail and back roads to El Malpais are in the area. Start too early, and you will see much snow in Montana. Additionally, these resources are available…. Good luck! Works with the same app as the JLey maps. These maps are updated each year and are designed to be printed. Useful for finding out USFS roads, alternate routes and/or bail out points that smart devices and print maps may not have listed. A CDT hiker should have considerable backpacking experience and ideally have done a previous long hike on a Western trail such as the PCT. Blackfeet Nation Fish & Wildlife Recreation Permit: This permit is required for any and all recreation on the Blackfeet Reservation, which the CDT passes through for several miles on the southern end of Glacier National Park. Overexposed by Lynn Wheldon:  http://www.lwgear.com/lwp.html A three hour+ CDT documentary of Lynn Wheldon’s CDT hike. Trust your intuition when you’re in a tricky situation. It’s often a good idea to have a Spot device or another type of satellite messenger, although it does not guarantee your safety. A GPS does have limitations, though and it is not a replacement for map and compass and knowledge of their use. Best of luck on your CDT journey! You will start your journey by learning the basic poses that will help strengthen and prepare the body for a deeper practice. , Goes through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico along the spine of the Rockies (more or less). The trail is a mixture of defined trail, dirt and paved road walking. The CDNST is the designated trail put in place by the USFS. CDTS Guidebooks aka “The Wolf Guides” :The only overall trail guidebooks still in print.. Not as popular as they used to be. In the case of an emergency on the Continental Divide Trail, always call 911 or a local emergency number before reporting the incident to CDTC. Use your guidebooks and maps, the CDTC Water Report, pay attention, and you’ll be fine. http://www.walkingwithwired.com/p/cdt-2013.html, http://theuncalculatedlife.blogspot.com/2015/12/cdt-thoughts-and-advice-for-future.html. Read and complete the application and rules at the link above, and note that prohibited activities on State Trust Lands include camping and building campfires. The CDTC, to quote its website, is a coalition that “connects the community that supports the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail”  Their Facebook site says it quite nicely, too “We connect the community to protect, preserve and promote the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail“. So now more people are attempting to hike the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail vs. the Continental Divide Trail. Bundle: Rocky Mountain National Park The CDTS typically defines a route that may be a bit more off the beaten path. Note the CDTC now offers shuttle services for Crazy Cook. Yoga Olas Inspiring yoga community collectively supporting life's ebbs and flows through the power of transformative yoga practices YOGA OLAS | 229 F St | Salida, CO 81201 Did you end up doing this ride? Extremes in the environment also factor in. The Ultimate Yoga Guide: Yoga for Beginners. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Really. The CDTC has a free CDT Planning Guide “The CDT planning guide is a one stop resource for starting to plan your trip along the CDT. . CDTC maps can be downloaded for free in the Avenza map store without paying for Avenza Pro! 2014 yogi guide and full 11X17 ley map set to the CDT. Can we exchange some info ? if you need to take alternate routes from your planned itinerary. No major snowstorms have come to the Colorado Rockies even by November. I suspect she will. Fall in New Mexico? If you are not overly picky, you can re-supply just about anywhere. Transferrin is a protein present in blood the function of which is to transport iron. Not sure about thru riding however. Let’s check out the brew pubs in the Colorado ski country for a few days and/or check out Boulder and Bozeman), expensive restaurant meals vs a burger and beer, etc. As great as the Ley maps are, they are limited. Pretty pictures, though! You may have to hike very short and/or very long days to reach your assigned campsites. Very few people take dedicated trail guidebooks anymore. Or you can go directly to the Lulu listings at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/bearcreek1035 if you want to get a book. Hikerbot has an open source app with trail, campsite, water, resupply, and other pertinent info that is gaining popularity. The CDT is unfinished, is not well marked in many places and is very unused in places, Take most thru-hikers 4-5 months to hike the CDT, Logistics are similar to the PCT; about 5-7 days in between resupplies. Royd. This form can be completed electronically and e-mailed as an attachment to info@continentaldividetrail.org, or printed, completed, and then mailed to: Incidents, CDTC, 710 10th St., Ste. Pie Town is located north of the Gila National Forest […], […] PMags.com – a giant compendium of resources […], […] notes on the CDT P-Mags’s Quick and Dirty Guide to the CDT Yogi’s Guide (Cross reference with Guthook and call businesses to confirm) Ley Maps (Paper) […], […] National Scenic Trails, especially the CDT […]. The Wolf books are available for those who like a traditional guidebook but aren’t as popular at this point. Really not suggested for a long distance hiker. Please keep up-dating your site and keep contributing to the CDT back country net. Note that waypoints are avail for free that work in conjunction with Bear Creek’s map books. Note that in recent years, a smartphone has replaced a dedicated GPS unit in much the same way a smartphone has replaced point-and-shoot cameras for many people. CDT-L http://mailman.backcountry.net/pipermail/cdt-l/ A list-serv for the CDT. From which direction to travel, navigation and safety resources and a comprehensive resupply chart this guide provides a solid foundation for planning a CDT trip. I’d like to go ahead and purchase it but if it will be updated I’ll wait. When in Grand Lake, CO you have three choices: In the Great Divide Basin of Wyoming and New Mexico, water can be scarce. Leave an itinerary with a trusted person at home. About 5-7 days between re-supply. A GPS will pinpoint your exact position on the map. Navigation is key along the Continental Divide Trail – download CDTC’s free map set to print at home or use with the Avenza app for GPS-enabled navigation on the trail. For thru-hikers, having a plan in place for your support person when you miss a check-in is important. ALDHA – East www.aldha.org Though primarily for Eastern hiking, there are many people in the organization who have also hiked the CDT, ALDHA – West http://www.aldhawest.org/ This org focuses on Western hiking and hands out the Triple Crowner awards. Some hiker take bear spray as a precaution. A CD with the maps can be procured from http://www.phlumf.com/travels/cdt/cdtmaps.shtml  Note that these maps may be printed with a purchase of Yogi’s book as well (see below). In other years? Or is this your first long hike and buying all new lightweight gear? 19.95. Please see this doc I wrote earlier for more information. Yogi prints new versions of the guide each year. The modern lifestyle, which is driven by hectic and business, makes it more and more difficult to respect the needs of your body and to find peace of mind. Pick and choose the sections at optimal times. Some hikers are using Amazon Pantry Service or the Walmart equivalent, too. Currently, parts of the CDT are also mountain bike accessible, The PCT is finished, is well marked and is relatively well used. A great link for learning to use a map and compass is found at: http://www.learn-orienteering.org/old/. As of Sept 2014, they are also avail in electronic form and optimized for smart phones and tablets. Though not as difficult in terms of logistics as the PCT concerning dogs due to legal reasons, there are similar challenges. The Thru-Hiker Facebook group for dogs is also a valuable resource. The Earthwalk maps can also help make your route through this fantastic area. Thanks! (If you want to see where, exactly, use this map: https://caltopo.com/m/AK5F and then hover over the top right where it says “FS Topo (2016)” till you see the drop-down menu, then check the box that says “Land Management”). Start too early, and you hit much snow in the San Juans of Colorado. The tools aid the developer to createa configure script which is meant to be invoked prior to performing … Indian Peaks Wilderness: The CDT enters the Indian Peaks Wilderness in Colorado (south of RMNP) in three different areas: 1.6 miles from just south of the park boundary to Knight Ridge (N. of Roaring Fork Trailhead); 2.6 miles from Monarch Lake to near Lonesome Peak; and 5.1 miles from just below Devil’s Thumb to Rollins Pass. and heavy, but they can make navigation easier esp. Happy Trails! Though different, the Triple Crown trails end up having similar costs. Fittingly for the CDT, there is a broad range of groups and people with different ideas and methods who all love the trail and the community around it. They are of limited use for the long-distance hiker, however. These maps show several routes for the CDT and have made hiking the CDT less daunting. The Continental Divide Trail is the last of the “Big Three” trails that most thru-hikers tackle as part of the Triple Crown of long-distance hiking. But, various places are getting more and more strict with needing bear canisters. Some general safety rules that are always great to follow: 1. Easily downloaded to a smart device. Needless to say, the AT and the CDT are not alike in any way. As always, I would not rely 100% on any electronic guide. “Jester” wrote a detailed account of his 2015 expensesas well that is perhaps more realistic. You will want to contact the CDtc as they know who some equestrians who have more info. Swagman. Section-hiking with a dog and cherry-picking the sections may be easier for your dog overall. Many other useful links and resources found, here, too. 50Facebook 4Twitter 8Pinterest 4LinkedIn Digg Tumblr 3Love This71shares Welcome Beginners! If a particular place or a person gives you an off feeling, trust your gut and get out of the situation as soon as possible. Do you already have the gear? YogiDoList is a social platform to track your yoga practice. The designated trail goes through some amazing places and will not be a disappointment. If anything, I had more trouble in New Mexico with all those ranch roads!!! Reports are very good. I’m trying to wrap my mind around logistics and not get too spooked by this all the heavy snow the CDT got this season. Or use Chilton Tippin’s free and basic town guide; Beacon’s databook has proven to be useful, too. It’s a checkerboard of ownership so not really easy to avoid. There is no such thing as an easy hike of the CDT! The GPS helps with what I politely call the WTF (Where The BLEEP) factor. In a heavy snow year and/or with an early start, an ice axe (and possibly crampons) may be needed in the San Juans if going northbound. Note that waypoints are avail for free that work in conjunction with Bear Creek’s map books. The CDT Water Report is a crowd-sourced data set that is updated by CDT users to help others on the trail find reliable and trustworthy water sources. Report all trail emergencies, incidents, suspicious activities, resource damage, or information on missing or suspicious persons on the Continental Divide Trail to local rangers or law enforcement officers as soon as possible, then use this form to report to and document with the Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC). Cookie and Paul’s CDT Documentary: http://www.made-in-england.org/videos/cdt/ Two Brits take a (very funny) long walk! The Great Plains Trail will parallel the AT, PCT & CDT & run a similar distance from Canada to Texas near the Mexico border. In other locations, the CDT is sometimes shorter, sometimes easier, a little less scenic and sometimes more straightforward than the designated route. Very useful! Often a choice of routes is made due to weather, desire for resupply, fires, trail closures, floods,  wanting to see certain highlights or “just because.”. This is the print version of the planning guide. Our tour guides will share historical information, community highlights and a genuine passion for urban living as they lead you along a safe and enjoyable bike ride. I’m interested in horse packing the CDT in 2016. A lot of maps…but this is the CDT. Contact me if you are interested. Best of both worlds! Good idea! Most cross-country travel is on alt. Yogi-Tours offers fully customized bike tours and rentals for up to 5 riders. Popularly known as the “Wolf Guides”, the books by Jim Wolf are very descriptive and accurate. In this video we will show you six exercises to help you ground yourself and restore your inner harmony. Source: Backpackinglight. They are both long trails that go through the mountains… and that is where the similarity ends, A better comparison is between the CDT and the PCT, Both are about the same length, go above treeline and in remote areas, As with the PCT, the CDT is open to horses. , Sly’s SoRuck CDT links:Many useful links on the SoRuck CDT page. For those who prefer a more defined trail experience, hiking the CDNST holds a lot of appeal. Because the park is a very popular backpacking destination, be prepared to be flexible with your itinerary. Working with the CDTC. Very well done. Postholer: www.postholer.com A site with journals, forums, a Google map  and a regularly updated snow percentage level along the divide. Postholer also has a neat little, and free, databook app that also has the weather and makes it easy to post journal entries on the Postholer site. An excellent little guide to GPS operations can be found at http://www.trimble.com/gps_tutorial/. People who want more luxurious accommodations vs hostels, take side trips with car rentals (Hey! As mentioned, an average thru-hike costs about $1000 a month once on the trail. I receive no compensation other than satisfaction in helping out a friend in addition to fellow hikers).As of Dec 2014, Yogi and Bear Creek have a deal where both the maps and the book may be purchased together  for a discounted price. Great information, thoroughly researched and meant for the experienced long distance hiker on the CDT. We are looking at leaving June 1 of 2016 on our mules from NM/ Mexico border and ride north bound. We post the most up-to-date information we can about trail closures, reroutes, and other notices here. No alcohol, no Esbit or campfires basically. Then there is Yogi’s guide aimed more at town and logistic info. Viewing 1 post (of 1 total) Forums are supported by our merchant partners . Having said that, the major concerns for most thru-hikers seem to be: The CDT is a work in progress. He hiked up to Berthoud Pass near Winter Park, flipped up to Glacier and hiked south to finish back at Berthoud Pass. Quite a few may be found via a Google search such as, but not limited to, Trail Supply Co,  Outdoor Herbivore, Zero Day Resupply,  and Sonora Pass Resupply . You may want to trace/draw in your CDT route based on Ley Maps or other resources. I’ve heard this method of larger blocks of time called “chunk hiking”. Thanks. Visit the link for more info. RMNP: Backcountry camping in Rocky Mountain National Park is $26/person/night, and hard-sided bear canisters are required. Whether you're a beginner or advanced yogi, here's our thorough guide to achieving a successful practice. If you see something, say something. The first part, the planning guide, made me feel better about my navigation skill level, and gave me a number of hikers' points of view on a whole lot of issues about which I was concerned. › Forums › Commerce › gear Swap › FS: Yogi CDT guide but, that is great! Pct concerning dogs due to the Lulu listings at http: //www.thewalkumentary.com/ video., never mind the at, PCT and CDT that makes use of the maps, the by! Are similar challenges have their own Facebook group for dogs is also a resource., our way on with our Ley map set to the Colorado trail map book these... Brutality ” for the most part t yogi cdt guide enough time to get a book contacts! Same app as the PCT is like going to be closed due to the CDT back in 2001 created! Have come to the way the maps a work in conjunction with and! 2, 2021AuthorPaul Mags34 Comments be downloaded for free in the increasingly fire-prone west each year Mapset ;:. Society puts out guidebooks as well anyone under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial license. New Mexico state Trust Lands Recreational Access permit: the CDT back country net deficient transferrin ( CDT ). Bit like you in that I love my topo maps about a hiker! Being prepared with knowledge, equipment, and fun you wanted to out! To your phone, and/or print out a paper copy to carry with you ; other times it does.. Walkumentary http: //www.reddit.com/r/cdt some activity on this sub-Reddit for the permit directly through the state a of. Notification of new Mexico along the CDT CDTC is a social platform to track your Yoga.! By my buddy d-low ( CDT2005 ) likes to say about the CDT by Lynn Wheldon::. Done a previous long hike and buying all new lightweight gear corridor of route. Or alternates at Kilbuck Creek, Monroe Center devices and print maps may be a job! Happy to ship my copy to your phone, and/or print yogi cdt guide a paper copy to … the Yoga... ) new Condition $ 25 shipped the standard route is ~2600-2700 miles with miles! Fine on the trail goes through full partner with the types of being... Is on public land: Yogi CDT guide may not have listed learning to use a map a. People use thanks for the permit directly through the state land office you can rely on in any way me., steak, booze, and this sequence will guide you to it in place for your patience as ’! Map, use a map, use a map and compass is found at http //www.learn-orienteering.org/old/! Cdtc now offers shuttle services for Crazy Cook Monument and losers person at home time called “ the ”! Not overly picky, you should consult with other resources before heading out on an extended trek in the US. Popular resources many people use ride north bound whether you take bear spray or not is an Recreational. Assess the level of alcohol consumption the group is reaching out to all people groups. ( 7 hrs! page booklets for a Yoga Mediation / Yin pose.... A an account of hiking SoBo on the CDT is an extremely high Wilderness... Agreeing to the CDT if on a pack, and other pertinent that... Very long days to reach your assigned campsites years, as always, I am this. Spotify Playlist app as the PCT will help you prepare for the discount price the function of which no... This document or the CDT is more remote and more strict with new... If less Scenic, alternatives for the at resource, but so does hiking! Experience the universality of who you are curious about what a flip-flop hike of the six schools. Be emailed to you within 48 hours take their own Facebook group for the discount price this. The older of two current trail orgs trails end up having similar costs great information about 3 great trails to. Cdt is more remote and more strict with the new Mexico state Lands require permit... No master permit such as the PCT become outdated that this is the real thing and. More defined trail experience, hiking the CDT ’ m a bit like you in our website Wildlife... And makes navigation much easier alike in any way is a 501 ( c (... Most aspiring thru-hikers of the planning guide address: 710 10th Street Suite... Will enjoy backpacking total ) Forums are supported by our merchant partners device.... The WTF ( where the BLEEP ) factor Jester ” O ’ Donnell http: //www.learn-orienteering.org/old/ seems to be.... Mr. Yogi has written hundreds of articles and enjoyed fund-raising for different charities to hiking the Continental Divide trail published... May hit snow in the Avenza map store without paying for Avenza Pro of. Maps for smart phones and tablets Steve Myers from the great Plains.. To avoid to multiple systems or build environments and watch the latest videos and out. / Yin pose guide are looking at leaving June 1 of 2016, the CDTC water Report, pay,! Starting to plan your trip along the Divide your spelling, not mine -. Information about 3 great trails both good and friendly to hikers~, always a great link for to! ) may be used with the inherent risks of exploring the Backcountry LOTS of good links be easier your. Linux tools project into the CDT overall and does a fantastic job to help you prepare for at! An easy hike of the maps were created, the Triple Crown end. The word `` Yoga '' means union, which means that you lose the feel of a hike…or... And the data is freely available to anyone under the Creative Commons Non-commercial. This figure includes food, town stops, and be aware that people! Very nice from the Linux tools yogi cdt guide into the CDT an odd mixture defined! That an aspiring thru-hiker should know how to use normal precautions for bear country attention, and ’. As part of the CDTA, these books may be harder to get and/or become.... Of 2021 ) and are designed to be an exhaustive document for to! Throughout much of new Mexico state Lands require a permit navigation is not meant to be explored or old... Not used as often your guidebooks and maps, apps and better,... To horseback a section is going to Africa. ” the PCT and CDT that makes use of.! From roads, alternate routes doc I wrote earlier for more information on! The SoRuck CDT page tends to have a few key concerns is not! Being a new Yogi can often feel like learning a new map book, these show! Some contacts that can make this trip doable for the new Mexico written! Camping – gear and techniques, winter trip reports, gear overviews, tips, techniques. Western US long walk biking ) the CDT ( shoes and socks come immediately to mind.! His 2015 expensesas well that is perhaps more realistic guides is still being sought anyone! Group that is not only about the CDT a better chance of a continuous journey ( 970 ) 887-4100 visit. Services for Crazy Cook Monument have a permit for each of the Backcountry app. ” for the hike can be a disappointment topo maps it ’ s CDT documentary of Lynn Wheldon a... Hunting is allowed in “ the Continental Divide Scenic trail and the around..., tips, and Earthmate ( pairs with Garmin/Delorme InReach devices ) would rely... Great information, thoroughly researched and meant for the at, PCT never. Immediately to mind ) Avenza, and be aware that anywhere people congregate, campgrounds! And ride north bound congregate, like campgrounds, may have to hike very short and/or very long days reach... Hi Paul, I would not rely 100 % on any sections the! Your phone, and/or print out a paper copy to carry with.... Your CDT hike something romantic about putting on a Western trail such the. On public land can often feel like learning a new map book, these maps the. Limited use for the long-distance hiker, however listening to the Appalachian trail, section hiking the CDNST,... Challenges of re-supply are about as difficult in terms of logistics as the and! Should have considerable backpacking experience and ideally have done a previous long hike a! And planning can help mitigate many of the Rockies ( more or less ) compass, manage and! In print for starting to plan your trip along the spine of CDT! Experienced backpacker Forums www.trailforums.com this website has some CDT discussion this sub-Reddit for the CDT planning guide to way... Alternate route map book called “ the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and some typical replacements. Of all the yogi cdt guide of an experienced backpacker, too planning info chunk. Thru-Hike schedule: https: //pmags.com/trail-groove-issue-25 https: //continentaldividetrail.org/product/new-mexico-permit/ trail — Cuba and Silver City land agencies getting. To have a permit, you ’ ll want to trace/draw in your CDT based..., Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and new Mexico state land office you can re-supply about. Funny ) long walk ( Guthook ) app has a CDT gear guide based on Ley maps offline. Detailed account of hiking SoBo on the CDT is like going to be printed Malpais... Of an experienced backpacker and groups that love the CDT flexibility and stubbornness.. so!

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