Nothing but matter is real. Without education the human society would be uncivilized and useless hum grouping, without any social, political, religious, and physical developments. Therefore the atman or self-awareness is only the physical body with a new emerging quality. Learner is highly motivated and self-directed; assumes responsibility for learning and self-development He has continuity formal structure antecedents in the past and a yearning toward the future. Humanism From 3. But now the  Humanistic educators believe that grades are irrelevant and that onlyself-evaluation is meaningful. Humanism was developed as an educational philosophy by Rousseau (1712-1778) and Pestalozzi, who emphasized nature and the basic goodness of humans, understanding through the senses, and education as a gradual and unhurried process in which the development … Many of these humanist traditions have survived in some form to contribute to the humanist philosophies of the twenty-first century. The Meaning of Humanism 3. The principal enunciated above regarding the ethical or moral values of the Renaissance hold also for aesthetic values, at least in the sense that these values are rooted in human nature. promote positive self-direction and independence (development of the regulatory system); develop the ability to take responsibility for what is learned (regulatory and affective systems); develop creativity (divergent thinking aspect of cognition); curiosity (exploratory behavior, a function of imbalance or dissonance in any of the systems); and an interest in the arts (primarily to develop the affective/emotional system). The how of choosing, as well as the what which is chosen is a necessary ingredient of the good life. One of the most profound and important schools was established and created by Vittorino da Feltre in 1423 in Mantua to provide the children of the ruler of Mantua with a Humanist education. • Humanism means religious freedom • Humanism is a proper adjustment in life • Humanism as a philosophy asserts that man is the centre and measure of all activities in the world • It means to express feeling about all human happenings • The purpose of humanism is to create interests in all spheres of life 8. The field of soka education studies took … These schools were no place for “intellectual lightweights.” Satisfactory completion of this course of studies opened the door to the universities and to positions of leadership in the government. Freedom does not carry built-in guarantees that it will be turned to good ends. The analysis proceeded from individual words to the whole passage. The personal pride in individual acumen fostered the search for freedom from the restrictive control of the Church and temporal rulers. There are a variety of ways teachers can implement the humanist view towards education. It also tries to discover the truths about the universe and humanity’s place within it. Students were expected to copy the teacher’s  explanation and assigned themes based on the most beautiful passages in the material translated. The properties of any given object were determined by the atoms that comprised it. Before discussing the relationship between philosophy and educationfirst we would understand and what is education and then philosophy. Heidegger claims that the essence of humanism lies in the essence of the human being. In this section you can find pages for teachers, students, and parents to support education about humanism, whether in religious education, philosophy and ethics, or in other areas of the school curriculum. We seek to take responsibility for our decisions and conclusions, and this necessitates having control over them. Thus, one finds the first completely independent public school system in the Protestant district of Wurtemberg, Germany about the middle of the sixteenth century.. Humanistic education is essential for preparing young people to be citizens in a democracy. Mathematics, history and astronomy and a few other subjects were allotted very little school time. Explore the major ideological patterns of development of a socially philosophies of education in the context of the problems of institutionalization of knowledge about human and social development. However, some scholars believe, however, that this is a misunderstanding of the Humanism position since “no serious thinker could have included such a teaching” Humanism believes not in the notion of stringent philosophy, but in liberal beliefs. Humanists are committed to civil liberties, human rights, church-state separation, the extension of participatory democracy not only in government but in the workplace and education, an expansion of global consciousness and exchange of products and ideas internationally, and an open-ended approach to solving social problems, an approach that allows for the testing of new alternatives. We are unwilling to follow a doctrine or adopt a set of beliefs or values that doesn’t convince us personally. Humanism as a Philosophy of Adult Education: A Historical Philosophical Study of the Humanistic Movement and the Application of Humanism to Adult Education. Humanism has vehemently opposed withdrawal from life.

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