At Chimney Champions® our goal is to ensure your home has a chimney that is safe and functional. Chimney Chase Covers Chase covers are an external top covering for a pre-fab chimney or a brick chimney. Definitely buy from woodland again! Compare quotes and choose the best pro for the job. A rusty chimney chase top can cause discoloration on your chimney. Not only can this be a problem for your chimney’s interior, but it can also destroy the look of your chase cover by leaving unsightly rust streaks down its sides. 5 59 Bridgewater Avenue Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Phone: (908) 253-9190 Fax: (908) 253-8711 bridgewaterchimneysweeps@ NJ DCA Reg #13VH00393500 They were prompt and price was very reasonable. Call Welsch Chimney Service Inc. today at 314-921-3427. Refractory panels Over time, the constantly changing temperature compromises the integrity of the panel causing cracks and … Chimney chase covers serve the same purpose as chimney caps. The Chase Cover. Answer a few questions about your home project. Without a chimney cap to block off the exterior entrance, they can find their way inside. Every chimney shroud, cap, or top below is custom made to order per your measurements and / or design changes. A chase cover generally comes standard with a pre-fabricated or factory-built fireplace. Chase tops are found … Others are a simple grate. Look for local chimney cap installers who can put a high-quality cap in place so that you don't have to worry the next time you light a fire. Most chase covers that come standard with pre-fabricated fireplaces are made with cheap galvanized sheet metal that rusts and will likely need replacing every 7 to 10 years. Water is a chimney's worst enemy. Some optimize airflow while keeping out pests, wind and debris. Serving Beaufort, Johns Island, Goose Creek, Ladson, Moncks Corner, Hanahan, North Charleston. Chimney Caps are custom made parts used to keep chimneys from snow, rain, small animals and bugs. Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps installs custom chase covers that are made to fit your chimney chase perfectly. This excess moisture can cause extensive damage to your brick, allow mold to grow in the chase and in general cause your chimney to gradually deteriorate ultimately leading to chimney failure. Chimey Cap Chimey cap fit perfectly, really looks nice on my roof. The chase cover, often confused with the chimney cap is different entirely, but many use the two terms interchangeably, adding to the confusion. It fits over the top of the chimney like a shoe box cover fits the top of a shoe box. There are several choices of materials when selecting a chase cover, but only Stainless Steel or Copper will offer you a Lifetime Warranty. If your house doesn't have a chimney cap or you notice large holes in the sides, find a local chimney cap company who can replace it. Help your neighbors make an informed decision. K&M Sheet Metal specializes in the custom manufacturing of chimney caps, chase covers and pots. A chimney chase cover plays a vital role in protecting your pre-fab or factory built chimney from rain, snow, animals and debris. Unlike a chimney cap that covers only the top of the flue opening, a chase cover fits over the top of the chimney. Having a chimney cap or chase cover is the most affordable preventive measure you can take to prevent water damage to your chimney. Contact the masonry experts at New Age Contractors today to have your chimney inspected or to get a free estimate for chimney cap replacement in Goose Creek, Ladson, Johns Island, Beaufort, Moncks Corner, North Charleston, Hanahan or nearby. This economical chimney cap is the obvious choice to protect a chimney on a budget. Monday-Friday 7am-7pm, Keep out rain and snow to prevent mold, wood rot and other moisture damage, Keep birds and animals from nesting in your chimney, Spark arrestor on a chimney cap prevents sparks from leaving your chimney and landing on your roof or nearby combustible materials, Help reduce wind downdrafts that can cause smoke backup. Or call us at If you are looking to replace yours, you probably have lightweight aluminum or rusted galvanized steel. Chimney caps also prevent burning embers from landing on your roof and other nearby flammable objects. A chase cover fits over the top outside edge of your chase or brick chimney (somewhat like a shoe box top) and keeps out rain, snow, critters and everything else. Our chimney pros have been repairing and replacing chimney chase cover in St. Louis for over 25 years! Primarily they keep out rain, snow, animals, and other foreign objects from entering the chimney, all of which can have a devastating affect on the interior of your chimney over time. These essential elements are barely noticeable from the ground, but can cause terrible damage if left unchecked. Chimney caps also prevent burning embers from landing on your roof and other nearby flammable objects. Like a lid on a shoebox, the cover effectively seals off the top portion of your wood, metal or vinyl sided chimney, reducing unnecessary damage. Something as simple as a chimney cap or chase top is extremely important to the safety and lifespan of your chimney. A chimney cap is a metal topper that covers the opening of your flue. Which Type Is Right for Me? It's important to have your chimney inspected annually to ensure your chimney cap or chase top is in good condition. New Age Contractors recommends stainless steel chimney caps and chase covers because of their low cost and excellent durability. These are also designed with a slope for optimum water-shedding ability. A chimney professional can install a chimney cap for you. Many existing chase covers are made of galvanized steel, causing rust … after order, fair price. Find hiring guides, material costs, expert advice, how-to's and more. Chase Cover and Chimney Cap Fits perfect, quick dlvy. A cracked crown can be repaired a couple of different ways. Research chimney professionals near you and get at least three bids. Years of rain, snow, sleet, hail, and animal tampering can cause your chase cover to rust, corrode, dent, and provide imperfect protection. A chimney chase cover is a chimney top covering which seals it off, preventing moisture from getting in. Like the chimney crown on a masonry chimney, a chase pan is performing an important protective function, working to keep water away from the flue. Chase Cover Damage – Cause & Effect. Chimney covers protect your fireplace flue from rain, animals and debris.

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